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not bad

decent for your 3rd movie, but excruciatingly short. nothing happened except for a 2D run and a very brief impact.

you should probalby either submit things with a bit more substance, or practice yourself until you're confidant enough to submit something a bit more complex.

start small and work up, but do that yourself. once you've conquered the basics and are able to produce something 20 seconds long or so with a bit more technical animation, then submit it here. i know that it's hard to get feedback this way, but it will save you from getting blammed which is a hit to your confidence ;p.

what was there was good... but there just wasn't much and was simple.

it's ok, i guess.

good idea for a short, i suppose. but the animation detail is lacking. if you're only going to move things with 2D, use tweens.

the bigger issue is the fact that it SHOULDNT have all been 2D movement. more detail needed to be put into the motion of the guy.

bonus points for not using stickmen though. i hate stickmen, they are like cheating (most of the time).


it was interesting. I have a feeling that this means a lot more to the people who were in it than it does to the rest of us.

good use of static pictures, althoguh it isn't really animation in the traditional sense... not particualrly skillful, it was still entertaining.

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you already submitted this

you already submitted this like 10 minutes ago. infact i can still see it in the flash portal as #16.
and as far as i can tell... there are absolutely no changes, except for the title of the submission.

don't double submit something.

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hahaha, oh man

man, i had way too much fun playing this game. it was so simple, but i played it for so long. and the little marshmellow/block of tofu/ square had adorable faces. it was pretty awesome.

Good and bad

It is good becuse the user gets to click on the part that is confusing him or her for help about that thing. this way the user does not have to go searching for whatever it was that confused him or her through big menus and unfamiliar terms.

unfortunatly, it is not at all clear to the user which parts of the screen are clickable, you should identify the parts of the interface that you provide help for, by, for example, putting a border around them.

also, this is kind of self defeating. in order for a person to use this tutorial, he or she must know enoguh about newgrounds to find it. since this tutorial is aimed at exactly those people who can't even do that, they will not be able to find it.

make the back button easy to find. it took a while before i found the 'ng home' button, and first time users may not know what that is.

if you're going to add a really long opening credits and a boring intro, provide an option to skip them.

make the back/next buttons on the text stand out more, they look like regular text.

it would be nice if newgrounds provided something like this anyways, a contextual help over all their buttons, like a "whats this" in the old windows systems, or a tooltip.

anyways, your heart is in the right place, but there were a few serious user-interface issues and some problems with the target audiance that make this tutorial not very useful.

yay... message action happening here. sweetness.

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