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you already submitted this

you already submitted this like 10 minutes ago. infact i can still see it in the flash portal as #16.
and as far as i can tell... there are absolutely no changes, except for the title of the submission.

don't double submit something.

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hahaha, oh man

man, i had way too much fun playing this game. it was so simple, but i played it for so long. and the little marshmellow/block of tofu/ square had adorable faces. it was pretty awesome.

Good and bad

It is good becuse the user gets to click on the part that is confusing him or her for help about that thing. this way the user does not have to go searching for whatever it was that confused him or her through big menus and unfamiliar terms.

unfortunatly, it is not at all clear to the user which parts of the screen are clickable, you should identify the parts of the interface that you provide help for, by, for example, putting a border around them.

also, this is kind of self defeating. in order for a person to use this tutorial, he or she must know enoguh about newgrounds to find it. since this tutorial is aimed at exactly those people who can't even do that, they will not be able to find it.

make the back button easy to find. it took a while before i found the 'ng home' button, and first time users may not know what that is.

if you're going to add a really long opening credits and a boring intro, provide an option to skip them.

make the back/next buttons on the text stand out more, they look like regular text.

it would be nice if newgrounds provided something like this anyways, a contextual help over all their buttons, like a "whats this" in the old windows systems, or a tooltip.

anyways, your heart is in the right place, but there were a few serious user-interface issues and some problems with the target audiance that make this tutorial not very useful.

too simple

Can't move diagonally.

its an extrodinarlly simple game. I mean, this is newground, i dont expect the second comming of halo or microsoft flight sim, but a little more attention to gameplay would be nice.

fixing the controls, some feeling of momentium, something more complicated than a single spaceship going from right to left.

in this day and age, i expect something on par with asteroids ;p.

hahahah ghetto

this made me chuckle because its such a ghetto game. its so poorly constructed;p.

pimp-your-car meets newgrounds tank meets dress-up-barbie. but with horrible graphics ;p.

not origonal (like any other dress up game, but with a tank), and poor graphics.
but still hilarious by its ridiculousness.


You're right, way too many people submit flashs with full, uncompressed songs in them. huge loads for tiney vids.

You may want to consider changing the name of the vid, because I assumed this was going to be about optimizing the visual part of flash. tricks on keeping filesizes down and computational requirements.

also: the stop-music button on your menu is hard to click, you have to actually click on the Q part, not anywhere in the button.

the biggest complaint would be that it would be nice if there was a click to continue part, since I didn't want to always have to wait for the next button to come up. like, click and you get a new paragraph kinda thing.

honestly, between 32kbps and 128kbps (most common) there should be a noticable difference for even the average music listener. the bigger point is that this isn't a feature film, stellar quality isn't needed. maybe if it is a music vid you're making, but otherwise, losing a few freq bands wont matter.

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321 responds:

Yeah, I struggled with the name... It could be "Optimizing your Audio", but I put that stuff about preloaders and jpegs in there, so.. well...
About the bit rate stuff... This was exported at 32Kbs... and I don't really notice a difference.. but maybe I'm tone deaf or something ;)
Thanks for the review


animation was terrible... and nothing happened. jokes weren't really very funny.
it just seemed as there wasn't effort put into it. I can't really provide much feedback besides that.

Animation takes a lot of work, if you're not willing to put in a lot of work, don't do it.

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not bad so far... problem

i just got level up with milfeulle and i can ask her on dates. so i went ot her room but i talked to her insted of asking her. she said something like "we can go on dates now since we are close, so why dont we?"... but now im stuck there. the next dialogue butten thingy, the little triangle one... it doesnt do anything. i click it and click it but im stuck. since i cant close the dialogue box i cant do anything :(. damn.

thought you should know about that bug thing.

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so so

very cool little game but a few problems... i put it on easy since i usualy suck at these kind of games... but ever since level 10 ive only had to hit begin because my little ships do it all for me, i havnt even had to build many more. secondly it wont let me build certain things, like the torpedo turrets or something. i donno why not because i have like 400 000 credits and it takes 8000. this game is good but it would be better if the little ships could die too so that i didnt get to levil 50 without doing anythin lol.

sweet ass

loved it, soooo addictave. got my rank over a hundred after a while and started customizing my little guy, personally i think the best weapons were the angel wings, devil wings and magnum. and the most fusterating to go agasint was that panic butten, whats it called... improbablity fan or somehtin whenre they get randomly moved. fusterating. but sweet ass game! looooooved it!!!

yay... message action happening here. sweetness.

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